STA R Max3

Excellence born from Expertise

The STA R Max 3 is a versatile analyser that will adapt to any type of laboratory set-up, for an equivalent performance whether used alone or integrated into an automated track. It is supported by a range of reagents offering a comprehensive menu of routine and specialised tests, ensuring effective TAT (turnaround time) management.

Like its predecessor, the STA R Max 3 has an EPC module for checking sample integrity that controls fill volumes of all types of tubes and detects haemolysed, icteric and lipemic samples to ensure quality results. It requires no additional plasma volume and does not affect throughput.

In addition to automating sample integrity checks, the STA R Max 3 makes optimum use of patient samples. Stago employs a unique, mechanical viscosity-based detection system in all its systems offering a reliable-result guarantee, since measurements are not affected by optical interference. In addition, this detection system offers optimum sensitivity for weak clot detection. 

The STA R Max 3 is also equipped with STA Coag Expert, allowing it to validate results automatically and making it easier to manage quality control and specialised tests due to integrated expertise rules.

Its hardware innovations are supported by new software tools, allowing your laboratory to benefit from Stago’s expertise and quality commitment. Traceability has been improved, to provide a verifiable record of each variable used to obtain patients’ results, while factor parallelism, programmable and automated reflex testing rules and clinical algorithms mean you benefit daily from the know-how of recognised experts.  

The STA R Max 3 has the largest sample, reagent and disposables capacity in its class, promising greater autonomy and effective STAT management.

To assist its users, the STA R Max 3 also benefits from Stago’s innovative, unparalleled support service. This includes remote diagnosis and troubleshooting as well as access to the automated Stago externalised IQC platform: My Expert QC.  

Boasting a unique Stago pre-calibration function, fully automatic barcoded reagent management and the ability to manage multiple reagent lots at the same time, these systems are designed to meet the challenges of today’s clinical laboratories. These features are supported by Stago accreditation tools to ensure simple and seamless compliance with quality standards.

The STA R Max 3 also offers two new features, introduced in response to feedback from customers. 

It has a VAD (visual alarm device) that shows the analyser’s operating status. This is a particularly useful luminous signal in everyday lab operations and increases productivity, since users are notified more rapidly when the analyser requires human intervention. It also minimises analyser downtime. 

A new height-adjustable computer desk makes the workstation much more user-friendly for operators. The desk now adapts to the size of each user, however tall, and to their working position.

Finally, the STA R Max 3 allows labs to process data more securely, in compliance with cybersecurity rules, so technical teams can work in complete peace of mind.