Accreditation Tools

Simplicity born from Expertise

At Stago we understand a key part of our responsibility as the leading supplier of coagulation services is to ensure our customers can easily and painlessly meet their accreditation obligations.  To meet this need we have developed a specialist selection of accreditation tools designed to automatically collect, collate, and process Quality Management data.

The tools allow for real time generation of numerous reports to evidence the effective functioning of the coagulation services. Thus, not only do Stago’s reagents and analytical platforms provide workforce productivity, but so do our digital solutions.

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Stago’s accreditation service will help you at each step of the way; from instrument verification to the batch acceptance testing. Tools available include:

•    Measurement of Uncertainty

•    Repeatability

•    Reproducibility

•    Instrument comparison

•    Acceptance testing for reagent lot

•    Reference time calculation

•    Linearity evaluation

•    Contamination check

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