Value Based Healthcare

What is HTA?

HTA is the examination of the long term impact of a health technology. This assessment is carried out by independent bodies. HTA produces a recommendation through the demonstrated financial savings and added value for patients.






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STA-Liatest D-Dimer Plus and D-dimer testing in patient care pathways generates real savings removing the need of up to 45% of complementary imaging which can be unnecessary, costly, invasive and a source of anxiety for patients

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Health Technology Assessment (HTA) involves a range of processes and mechanisms that use scientific evidence to assess the quality, safety, efficacy, effectiveness and cost effectiveness of health services. HTA is a way to be sure our technologies bring value to healthcare systems and their users

Stago has set itself the mission of improving patient care in the most cost-effective manner.




Economic Evaluation of STA-Liatest D-Di for Exclusion of Venous thromboembolism (VTE) in ED for the US Healthcare System

Stago contracted with Alira Health to conduct an economic evaluation comparing the use of the STA-Liatest D-Di assay in conjunction with a probability assessment model to other D-dimers.


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