Support Function Careers

The support functions advise and accompany the other businesses of the Stago group. These functions provide a level of service that is essential for the excellence of operational teams and the company’s overall efficiency, through human resources, communication, legal, IT, management control, accounting or general services.

Some examples of Support function jobs:


Role: The Accountant may be assigned several scopes at Stago:

  • As a General Accountant you assure the accounting management of fixed assets and controls the consistency and accuracy of the books;
  • As a Banking Accountant you issue payments, handle the management of cash accounting items and processe expense claims;
  • As a Supplier Accountant you are in charge of processing invoices; making accounting entries in compliance with accounting rules and procedures and ensuring that suppliers are paid on time.


  • You have a BTS/DUT (2-year higher education diploma) in Accounting/Management.

Management Controller


  • Based at head office, at an industrial site or in charge of a company activity, you contribute to the financial control and optimisation of the company’s financial results.
  • With the help of operational staff, you prepare a plan to achieve the objectives, monitor and analyze the results and you may recommend corrective measures.


  • You have a degree from an engineering and/or business school with a specialisation in management control.
  • You are familiar with statistical tools and financial concepts.  
  • You speak English fluently.

Applications Manager/Computer Specialist


  • When assisting project management, you participate in the statement of needs for the businesses.
  • When managing the project, you participate in the production of the computer applications under your responsibility, in project mode. You then ensure the maintenance and upgrade of these applications.


  • You have a postgraduate degree in Information and/or Organisation Systems.

Lawyer in Corporate Law/Health Law


  • You negotiate and write varied international agreements (agreements for distribution, sale of products and services, subcontracting, etc.).
  • You manage issues related to intellectual property law.
  • You advise operational staff on the different issues relative to the sector in terms of health law.


  • You have a postgraduate law degree in Private Law, Corporate Law and/or Health Law ideally completed by a CAPA and/or LLM qualifications.
  • You have an extensive professional experience in an international group and a thorough awareness of the health sector.  
  • You speak English fluently.