Stago is Committed to Providing a High Level of Service

Validating the test results, within a very short turnaround time, is a daily challenge for scientists.
Stago support helps you to provide your Haemostasis Service with the minimum of disruption.


A dedicated telephone number: 0800 008 7786
24 hours, 7 days per week.

Our goal

We strive to provide rapid, efficient diagnosis:
- More than 80% of calls are resolved on line
- Remote maintenance is available on STA-R®/STA-R Evolution®/STA-R Evolution® Expert Series
- Scientific assistance and product advice

Field Support

  • Installation
  • On-site cascade training
  • Preventative maintenance inspections
  • Service repair visits


Our Field Service Engineers are equipped with mobile computer tools connected to the Support data processing centre. The Corporate Knowledge Base System is updated in real time to continuously update the Field Support Management. Paperwork is no longer required and data entries are error free.

Scientific Specialists

  • Haemostasis experts assist the laboratories on any scientific studies or evaluations they may need to carry out.
  • They are reference contacts for any questions related to specialised or research products.
  • They monitor clinical and scientific studies.


Of Service calls are solved online.