qLabs FIB Monitoring system

Introducing our New Fibrinogen POC System

Decreasing fibrinogen levels are the first sign of post-partum hemorrhage, the leading cause of death during childbirth, worldwide. Stago is proud to introduce the new qLabs®FIB, a point-of-care analyser for PPH management that measure Fibrinogen levels within  1 to 10 minutes.

The lower the level, the faster the time-to-result, helping clinicians to give the right product at the right moment to treat post-partum hemorrhage.

Designed for ease and speed when it matters

We have a limited number of demonstration systems available! Please contact us at Opens window for sending emailPOCsolutions@uk.stago.com to discuss what we have to offer.

New qLabs®FIB - brochure


Poster ISTH 2022 qLabs