TA-V 4 & 8: Faster platelet aggregation in your own lab

Stago has launched a compact platelet aggregation system for the faster exploration and evaluation of platelet function in a citrated platelet rich plasma.
TA-V 4 & 8: Faster platelet aggregation in your own lab

Both the eight and four channel instruments, the TA-8V and TA-4V, bring specialist testing for potential platelet disorders closer to the patient. 

This helps to speed the diagnostic pathway while saving laboratory time and costs.

The new instruments incorporate Light Transmission Aggregometry (LTA) to reduce optical interferences.  This infra-red technology is considered the gold standard for testing platelet function, providing the clinician with diagnostically important information when evaluating the patient for potential platelet disorders [1].

Semi-automated, reliable and ergonomically designed for benchtop use, theanalysers incorporate their own built-in computer, keeping workspace to a minimum . The new instruments enable your lab to quickly and accurately quantify blood platelet aggregation under a variety of different concentrations of reagents.  In addition, with the eight-channel TA - 8V, you can handle your entire lab’s platelet function requirements inhouse, further speeding workflow.
Workflow benefits include being able to follow up and monitor anti-platelet treatments more quickly, check for platelet hypersensitivity and the development of conditions such as acquired thombopathy  and rare bleeding disorders such as Glansmann thrombasthenia and Bernard-Soulier syndrome (BSS).

[1] Cattaneo M, Cerletti C, Harrison P, Hayward CPM, Kenny D, Nugent D, Nurden P, Rao AK, Schmaier AH, Watson SP, Lussana F, Pugliano MT, Michelson AD. Recommendations for the standardization of light transmission aggregometry: a consensus of the working party from the platelet physiology subcommittee of SSC/ISTH. J Thromb Haemost 2013; 11: 1183–9.