STA®-Liquid Fib

STA®-Liquid Fib is the lastest innovation in our routine line. This new liquid reagent for the quantitative determination of fibrinogen levels is based on the reference Clauss clotting method combined with the mechanical clot detection system. STA®-Liquid Fib is a practical and robust reagent designed to give reliable results.
STA®-Liquid Fib

Fibrinogen functions in primary haemostasis in support of platelet aggregation and in secondary haemostasis in the formation of an insoluble fibrin clot.
It is the final clotting factor activated in the coagulation cascade.

Inherited and acquired disorders can alter the quantity (afibrinogenemia and hypofibrinogenemia) and function (dysfibrinogenemia) of plasma fibrinogen.

Hypofibrinogenemia is generally asymptomatic, but afibrinogenemia and dysfibrinogenemia
may lead to bleeding and/or thrombosis.

Test based on the gold standard method, for maximum reliability

  • Clauss method which is the reference method for routine tests
  • Extremely reliable patient results across a large measuring range

Benefits of mechanical detection

  • More reproducible than photo-optic detection in fibrinogen assays
  • Insensitive to sample turbidity following massive transfusion
  • No interferences from lipaemia, icterus, haemolysis

Superior analytical performance (characteristics)

  • Wide working range : 0.4 -12 g/L covering any clinical situation
  • Excellent precision
  • correlates perfectly with STA®-Fibrinogen 5 and STA®-Fib 2

The reagent that makes life easier: results in less than 5 minutes!

  • Liquid format: ready to use reagent
  • Precalibrated and barcoded with standardized results across Stago analysers

Economical solution adapted to any workload through optimised reagent management

  • A single 4 mL format
  • Extended stability up to 10 days on-board and 2 months at  2 – 8°C
STA®- Liquid Fib
Cat. Nr.  00673
Pack-size: 12x 4 mL