STA Satellite Max: Efficiency born from Expertise

The Max family is now complete with the introduction of the STA Satellite Max. The STA Satellite Max builds on the proven strengths of the Max Generation, offering new functionalities.
STA Satellite Max

The STA Satellite Max builds on the proven strengths of the Max Generation, offering new functionalities. and a user-friendly interface making it the ideal solution for Haemostasis testing in low-volume labs.

The STA Satellite Max is a Haemostasis analyser designed specifically for “satellite” labs looking for a device that meets their needs while guaranteeing results as reliable as those obtained in large specialised laboratories.

The STA Satellite Max includes a comprehensive test menu, designed for the needs of today’s low-volume laboratory, offering all routine and STAT tests.

Connected to the STA Coag Expert*, the STA Satellite Max automatically runs result validation operations and can link “satellite” labs within a group to benefit from additional connected solutions, including My Expert QC.

And that’s not all, because this small analyser also offers a whole lot more:

Max Innovation

  • A new ergonomic design for increased ease-of-use
  • New software features
  • “Max Generation” graphical user interface with a touch screen and virtual keyboard 
  • Windows 10
  • New features for accreditation:
  1. Westgard Rules
  2. Reflex testing
  3. Comprehensive quality control menu
  4. Extensive traceability and archive backup

Max Reliability

  • Robust performance for continuous result reporting
  • Reduced user maintenance thanks to a maintenance-free sampling needle and fluidic system
  • A complete Haemostasis solution (automated analyser + reagents)
  • An ecological, economic design

Max Efficiency

  • Stago’s viscosity-based detection system (mechanical) always delivers reliable results 
  • Stago’s double resolution pipetting system ensures industry-leading accuracy and reliable sampling
  • High-quality reagents offer optimal sensitivity and reproducibility
  • Wide range of liquid reagents with extended on-board stability

Max Flexibility

  • Large on-board loading capacity for walkaway capability ideal for low-volume laboratories
  • Unique carousel loading system enables continuous reagent and sample loading 
  • Excellent STAT management, prioritising your most critical patient samples

All of these features are designed to integrate the Haemostasis expertise of Stago’s know-how and technological expertise into one of the smallest Haemostasis analysers on the market, making it is just as impressive as its larger counterparts!

The STA Satellite is intelligently designed to empower low-volume laboratories to perform best-in-class Haemostasis testing in a small space.

Don’t hesitate to contact your sales rep to find out more about this brand-new analyser.

*Available in 2019