STA R Max3: Stago innovates again and again...

STA R Max3 is a high-throughput Haemostasis system and the latest addition to the Max Generation.
STA R Max3:

A new multi-parameter automated analyser, STA R Max3 delivers additional innovative functionalities and meets the most recent regulatory requirements.

STA R Max3 is suited for any type of laboratory setting.  Whether it is stand-alone in a busy, multi-functional laboratory or integrated onto an automated line, STA R Max3 delivers the ultimate in high-throughput performance from a comprehensive range of reagents, routine and specialty, for truly effective TAT control.

Like its predecessor, the STA R Max3 is equipped with STA Coag Expert, enabling automated validation of results, making it easier to manage specialised tests thanks to integrated expert rules.
STA R Max3 also offers two new features, introduced in response to feedback from customers:

  • The VAD (Visual Alarm Device) which shows the analyser’s operating status, is a particularly useful signal in everyday lab operations and increases productivity.  Users are notified more rapidly when the analyser requires human intervention and downtime is minimised.
  • A new height-adjustable computer desk makes the workstation more user-friendly. The desk adapts to the height of each user, however tall!
    Finally, STA R Max3 allows labs to process data more securely, in compliance with cybersecurity rules, so technical teams are able to work with complete peace of mind.

Don’t hesitate to contact your sales rep to find out more about this brand-new analyser.

A new version that wears its slogan well: Excellence born from Expertise!