STA Compact Max®: Innovation born from Expertise

STA Compact Max® is the new generation of analyser developed by the Coagulation Company to meet labs' expectations.
STA Compact Max®: Innovation born from Expertise

The Compact STA Max® is a genuine synthesis of Stago's know-how and possesses the main qualities of a Haemostasis system that you are entitled to expect.

Max Reliability

Continuous improvement of quality of service can sometimes be challenged by increasing workloads and volume testing in a highly demanding environment.
Thanks to its RELIABILITY, the STA Compact Max® allows you to work with confidence, in every situation.

Max Innovation

Laboratory improvements, patient safety and productivity enhancement are a permanent concern for Stago. We are committed to invest in research and INNOVATION to develop reagents, systems and solutions that provide maximum benefit for our customers.

Max Performance

Adapting to a changing environment, delivering accurate and timely answers to clinicians are some of the challenges that the laboratory must face everyday.
The STA Compact Max® was developed to guarantee the PERFORMANCE required answering your needs.

Max Efficiency

Laboratories are facing strong economic pressure and functional constraints such as facilities consolidation and staff shortage - “the need to do more with less”. The STA
Compact Max® helps you to cope with these challenges by improving your EFFICIENCY both operationally and environmentally.

Following all our explorations of the haemostasis systems, the STA Compact Max® benefits from all the assets of the bar-coded reagents STA® line.

Thus, the latest addition to Stago's multiparametric system range allies an innovation design with new features.