STA Compact Max 3: Increasing your lab efficiency

The Stago Max Generation analyser family continues to advance with the launch of the STA Compact Max 3, offering significant performance improvements and adding the Expert Pre-analytical Check (EPC) module.
STA Compact Max 3: Increasing your lab efficiency

Max Reliability

STA Compact Max® 3 delivers sample integrity verification to ensure quality of results thanks to the EPC module providing fill volume check for any type of tube, detection of haemolysis, icterus and lipemia. This is delivered without requirement for extra plasma volume and with no influence throughput. 

In addition to the ability to automate sample integrity checks, the STA Compact Max® 3 enables the best use of patients’ samples. Thanks to Stago’s unique Viscosity-Based (mechanical) Detection System, present on all our systems, the reliability of results is ensured, as measurements are unaffected by optical interferences, whilst also offering the maximum sensitivity to weak clots.

Max Innovation

With an innovative new hardware design and improved ergonomics and performance, the STA Compact Max® 3 will optimize your productivity, minimizing user maintenance and manual interventions (PSR module, Single Resolution Pipettor and the new Cap Piercing needle).

Hardware innovations are supported by new software tools which bring Stago’s expertise and commitment to quality to your lab. Extended traceability provides an auditable record of every variable that has contributed to patient results, while factor parallelism, automated, programmable reflex testing rules and clinical algorithms bring the knowledge of leading experts to your everyday practice. 

Max Performance

With the highest sample, reagent and consumable capacity in its class, STA Compact Max® 3 enables extensive walkaway capability. The systems are built around a true random access architecture, to allow real STAT management ensuring a fast Turn-Around-Time for urgent samples, bringing you the class leading Performance you expect from a Stago system.

To help customers guarantee operational certainty, STA Compact Max® 3 benefits from Stago’s Innovative and class leading service support. This including remote diagnosis, troubleshooting, and Stago’s automated externalised iQC program, My Expert QC. 

Max Efficiency

Samples and reagents management have additionally been enhanced and streamlined in the STA Compact Max® 3 for an even better Efficiency. Routine and specialised tests can be ran side by side and Stago’s Wide range of ready-to-use and highly stable liquid reagents minimises preparation time. 

With Stago’s unique pre-calibration, and fully automatic barcoded reagent management, and the ability to manage multiple reagent lots concurrently, the systems are designed for the challenges of modern clinical labs. These Features are complemented by Stago’s Accreditation Support tools to allow simple and seamless compliance to quality standards.

STA Compact Max® 3: Advancing the Max Generation!