Megamix Line: Expand the limits of MP analysis with 2 new products

In addition to functional assays currently available at Stago (STA®-Procoag PPL and CAT) Megamix products are two new tools designed for standardising Microparticle (MP) quantitative analysis by flow cytometry. These products assist in the process of setting-up a standardised MP gate to ensure a good inter-instrument and inter-lab reproducibility. They are also used as a day-to-day QC to check instrument consistency.
Megamix Line

Increase in MPs reflects thrombotic and/or inflammatory events. Elevated MPs levels occur in many pathologic situations such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, auto-immune diseases or inflammatory syndrome.
MPs quantification allows for diagnosis of such pathologies, monitoring & follow-up and evaluation of drug efficacy.

  • Megamix (Cat. Nr. 00420): For FSC-optimised instruments (e.g Beckman Coulter FC500®), containing a mix of 0.5/0.9/3 µm fluorescent beads to set-up a MP gate analysis from 0.5 to 1.0 µm MP-equivalents (large MPs).

Because small MPs are also of great interest, Stago releases two new products suitable for new models of flow cytometers:

  • Megamix-Plus FSC: For high sensitivity FSC-optimised instruments (e.g Beckman Coulter Gallios® or Navios®), containing a mix of 0.1/0.3/0.5/0.9 µm fluorescent beads.
  • Megamix-Plus SSC: For SSC-optimised instruments (e.g Becton Dickinson line), kit containing a mix of 0.16/0.2/0.24/0.5 µm fluorescent beads.

These two new kits allow for setting-up a MP gate analysis from 0.3 to 1.0 µm MP-equivalents (small & large MPs).


Megamix Cat. Nr. 00420 – RUO
Megamix-Plus FSC Cat. Nr. 01077 – RUO
Megamix-Plus SSC Cat. Nr. 01078 – RUO
Pack-size: 50 calibrations per kit