CY-QUANT VASP/P2Y12: A new kit to make VASP testing more accessible

According to peer-reviewed literature, VASP is the most specific biomarker of P2Y12 receptor inhibition. Unlike other assays currently on the market, it is not interfered by aspirin, P2Y1, anti-GPIIb-IIIa drugs, VWF level and platelet count. With more than 1,000 publications, VASP is validated and suitable for testing utilising all anti-P2Y12 drugs currently on the market and in development.

Benefits of VASP based assays including the following:

  • Ease of use: Whole blood is used as the sample, resulting in minimising of preanalytical issues
  • Ease of transportation and processing: Small blood volumes (<160 µL), long sample stability (up to 48 hours)
  • No reagent waste: Unitary testing, suitable for low to high activity

Since 2003, Stago has offered the CE labelled PLT VASP/P2Y12 for use with flow cytometers. Now, a new CE kit called CY-QUANT VASP/P2Y12 is available. This whole-blood ELISA will allow VASP biomarker to be available to all laboratories not equipped with a flow cytometer.

CY-QUANT VASP/P2Y12 main characteristics:

  • A 96-well microplate based adaptation of PLT VASP/P2Y12 gold standard assay
  • Strips divisible in unitary well - Use only what you need
  • Highly significant correlation with the PLT VASP/P2Y12 assay (n=80; r=0.95; p<0.001)
  • Only 160 μL citrated whole blood needed
  • Sample stability up to 24h at room temperature
  • Kit size suitable for low to high activity (from 1 to 23 tests in duplicate per run)
  • Easy to use & compatible with all types of microplate reader (450 nm)
Cat. Nr. 00449 – CE Marked
Pack-size: 10 tests
Cat. Nr. 01076 – CE Marked
Pack-size: 96-well microplate divisible in unitary wells

  *Note: Not available in all countries. In the USA this product is classified as "For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures"