Connect.One by Stago: Secure connection in One step

Digitisation has revolutionised connectivity by increasing productivity and improving lab efficiency like never before.
Connect.One by Stago:

Thanks to connected devices, technical teams no longer need to remain in front of their workstations, or even in the laboratory.

The secure Connect.One network architecture allows laboratories to benefit from remote monitoring of their automated analysers, meaning Stago can check they are operating correctly and diagnose and analyse any malfunctions as part of a proactive approach.

Designed to meet international data privacy and security guidelines, Connect.One will become a “cornerstone” for integrating new applications.
Systems connected to Connect.One can also send QC results to MyExpertQC (Stago’s externalised IQC platform), as well as activity statistics.

Connect.One can track analyser performance and send notifications in case of problems while downloading software improvements from a secure infrastructure.

Using their connected devices, laboratories can increase productivity,
efficiency and operational flexibility 
by receiving a higher level of support
and expertise from Stago.