Coag.One by Stago: Excellence in One Step.

Communicate and exchange information anywhere, at any time, is particularly important for laboratories who are seeking to adapt their organisation to cope with the evolution in clinical pathology.
Coag.One by Stago

To help them, Stago is launching its Coag.One middleware solution.
This new digital solution will provide:

  • connectivity and consolidation
  • productivity and efficiency
  • clinical decision support
  • quality and compliance


Stago analysers can now benefit from an unlimited number of connections, regardless of the number of sites at which they are installed within a laboratory network. This optimises efficiency, since data can be easily organised, centralised and shared, hence simplifying what is otherwise a complex and demanding environment.


Laboratories are constantly required to increase their productivity and reduce processing times while continuing to offer the highest levels of quality, so each process must be streamlined for optimum efficiency.
Coag.One by Stago improves productivity by centralising data within a single interface. Laboratories benefit from an advanced and centralised management tool, allowing them to monitor their key performance indicators and control quality to achieve near-perfect processing times.


Coag.One by Stago offers the highest level of standardisation thanks to its auto-validation rules and Coag algorithms, which offer the analytical guidance and support needed to make the right decisions. Employees are no longer required to review tonnes of data to avoid or correct errors.


Coag.One by Stago offers complete traceability, which helps laboratories implement the necessary cybersecurity measures. It ensures that confidentiality and data protection rules are respected while preserving data integrity and quality.
In terms of accreditation, Coag.One by Stago also includes appropriate tools tailored to the specific needs of laboratories to help them with their accreditation procedures.

Coag.One by Stago: a unique centralised system that is revolutionising the operational efficiency of Haemostasis laboratory management.