5B9 Monoclonal Antibody kits are available in stock to order

5B9 is a monoclonal antibody that fully mimics the effects of human Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia (HIT) antibodies [1]:
5B9 Monoclonal Antibody kits are available in stock to order
  • anti-PF4/Heparin IgG antibody with human Fc fragment,
  • induces heparin- and FcϒRIIA-dependent platelet activation,
  • specific to the PF4/Heparin complex with very low reactivity against PF4 alone.

5B9 clinical research on HIT functional assays covers the following objectives:

  • identification of “good” or “bad” platelet donors responders, [2]
  • evaluation of platelet reactivity, [2]
  • preparation of positive samples. [3]

5B9 may be also used as a specific tool when studying FcϒR-dependent cell activation in the pathophysiology of HIT. [1]

Kits are available in stock to order


The following table summarizes the minimal final 5B9 concentration in the sample for which each assay gives positive results:


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