Tests & Clinical Applications, Thrombophilia, What tests are performed?

Diagnostics for Excluding Thrombophilia

Stago provides the laboratory tests that are needed to assess thrombophilia workup and including:

  • the STA-Liatest D-Di Plus reagent to exclude venous thromboembolism that is a complication of thrombophilia;
  • the laboratory tests allowing the screening of the congenital deficiencies of natural anticoagulants with:
  1. the STA-Stachrom ATIII reagent to assess antithrombin (ATIII) deficiency by the measurement of ATIII activity;
  2. the STA-Staclot Protein C or STA-Stachrom Protein C reagents to assess protein C (PC) deficiency by the measurement of PC activity;
  3. the STA-Staclot Protein S reagent to assess protein S (PS) deficiency by the measurement of PS activity or the STA-Liatest Free Protein S or Asserachrom Free Protein S reagents to determine the level of free PS antigen;
  4. the STA-Staclot APC-R reagent to detect the resistance to activated protein C associated with the FV Leiden mutation;
  • the laboratory tests allowing deeper investigations to characterize the origin of the deficiency with:
  1. the Asserachrom Protein C reagent to determine the level of PC antigen;
  2. the Asserachrom Total Protein S reagent to determine the level of total PS antigen.