What tests are performed?

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Stago provides the laboratory tests that are needed for the pre-surgery screening and including:

  • the first line assays with the reagents STA-CK Prest or STA-Cephascreen for the determination of activated partial thromboplastin time (aPTT) and the reagent STA – NeoPTimal for the determination of prothrombin time (PT);
  • the factor assays to assess the intrinsic pathway in case of lengthening of aPTT (that is corrected by the mixing studies) with STA-Deficient VIII or STA – ImmunoDef VIII or TriniCHROM Factor VIII:C, STA-Deficient IX or STA-ImmunoDef IX, STA-ImmunoDef XI and STA-ImmunoDef XII allowing the measurement of the activity of FVIII, FIX, FXI and FXII respectively;
  • the assays allowing the exploration of primary hemostasis and more specifically the diagnosis of Von Willebrand disease and its sub-types with the reagents STA-VWF:Rco, STA-Liatest VWF:Ag, Asserachrom VWF:CB and Asserachrom VWF:FVIIIB
  • the lupus anticoagulant screening that is explained in the section antiphospholipid-syndrome if aPTT is not corrected with the mixing studies.
  • the factor assays to assess the common pathway in case of lengthening of both Quick’s time and aPTT with the reagent STA-Liquid Fib for the measurement of fibrinogen level and the deficient plasmas STA-Deficient II; STA-Deficient V, STA-Deficient VII and STA-Deficient X allowing the measurement of the activity of FII, FV, FVII and FX respectively.