Personal Development

The Annual Appraisal Interview (EAP)

Every year, the annual appraisal interview is a perfect opportunity for employees and their immediate manager to discuss. They jointly review the past year (results, performance, and expectations) and set new objectives for the next year.

It is also the time to clarify the tasks related to the job. The annual appraisal interview is a more formal, written complement to the discussions, commitments and adjustments that routinely occur between an employee and his immediate boss.

A mid-term interview can be scheduled (6 months after the annual appraisal; June/July). It is used to adjust or redefine the initial objectives if they have changed.

The Development Plan

The annual appraisal interview is the occasion to discuss career development and training goals as well as to build a “win/win” solution between Stago and the employee.

A personal development plan may be established. The aim is to promote the employee’s fulfillment and reinforce the company’s excellence and efficiency over the long term.

Development Interviews

One of the goals of the Human Resources Department is to listen carefully to the company’s employees. That is why employees may ask for a personal development interview with the HR team directly, or through the intermediary of their boss, throughout the year.


Our pay policy acknowledges each person’s contribution to Stago’s success and performance. It helps build loyalty with our employees.

You will have a total pay composed of a salary and social benefits.

Nevertheless, the pay system allows for the specificities of the country of posting and it is adapted to the position held.