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ST Genesia launched!

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The ST Genesia was officially launched at an event held in the Synapse church of Maastrich on the 14th of June 2018.

Experts from around the world descended on this most striking of venues to take part in the conference centred on the application of Thrombin Generation to clinical practices.

Attendees and speakers had a productive day sharing data and ideas at the cutting edge of the discipline of haemostats and thrombosis.

The ST Genesia, along with its STG-ThromboScreen reagent system, were unveiled by no other than the pioneer of the discipline, Professor Hendrik Coenraad Hemker to much fanfare.

The instrument and its reagents are now CE marked and available to order, and are ready enable Thrombin Generation to become part of the routine repertoire of of tests conducted in haemostats centres. The instruments is able to automate all aspects of the assay and features tools to enable the easy accreditation of the test.