New Products

Connect.One by Stago: Secure connection in One step

Digitisation has revolutionised connectivity by increasing productivity and improving lab efficiency like never before.

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Stago launches a range of high quality IVD reagents validated on the new TA analysers

Designed to complete our platelet aggregation line, Stago is proud to launch a new range of high performance platelet agonists.

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STA Compact Max 3: Increasing your lab efficiency

The Stago Max Generation analyser family continues to advance with the launch of the STA Compact Max 3, offering significant performance improvements and adding the Expert Pre-analytical Check (EPC) module.

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TA-V 4 & 8: Faster platelet aggregation in your own lab

Stago has launched a compact platelet aggregation system for the faster exploration and evaluation of platelet function in a citrated platelet rich plasma.

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STA-NeoPTimal (1), the new PT offer with unique performances to meet your productivity needs

As continuous improvement of reagents is part of Stago's strategy, we are pleased to announce our new PT reagent from Stago: STA-NeoPTimal.

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