Stago Customer Services

We are Passionate about Customer Service...

Our first duty is to listen to you, the customer. We will endeavour to resolve your query, to meet your needs and expectations. The Stago customer service team has a wealth of knowledge and expertise at their fingertips.

Stago offers a complete range of solutions for your Haemostasis laboratory. We supply state of the art  coagulation analysers and quality reagents which are well established throughout the world’s markets. Our knowledge, expertise and excellent customer relationships allow us to achieve our mission in providing you with a first class haemostasis service.

Hereafter you will find the services that Stago are committed to fulfil.

Know-how and Advice

Understanding your queries and meeting your needs

Stago has a technical support team in Haemostasis. This includes Coagulation Sales Specialists, Haemostasis specialists, Scientific Advisers, Application specialists and Field service engineers.
This team will help you to provide your laboratory with an efficient haemostasis service during your contract with Stago.
This organisation covers all the key functions and know-how required to support you, our customer, in running your laboratory.

Optimising the Haemostasis department in the following way:

  • Conducting a Work Flow Analysis  (WFA)
  • Giving advice on the best solution for your laboratory
  • Quoting a cost effective solution
  • Organising a pre-installation visit
  • Setting up mandatory CE mark methodologies in order to guarantee productivity and quality results
  • Training key operators to ensure a smooth "go live" process.

Should your laboratory’s activity require a track system:

Stago has a wealth of knowledge and experience regarding automated track solutions

  • Stago systems are connected to the largest types of track system available on the market.
  • More than 95 Stago systems are tracked to Total Laboratory Automation (TLA) worldwide to date.