Focus on Haemostasis

Stago continues to ditch paper!

In April 2017, Stago officially launched its IFU (Instruction for Use) platform at so that customers worldwide could visit and download reagent instructions, analyser reference manuals and safety data sheets that...

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IBMS 2017

Laboratory solutions from Stago UK had a particularly high profile at this year’s Institute of Biomedical Science Congress, which was held recently at Birmingham’s International Convention Centre. IBMS is the leading professional...

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ISTH Berlin 2017: a new record!

This year, the 26th International Society for Thrombosis and Haemostasis (ISTH) Congress took place in Berlin, Germany from July 8th to 13th. This biennial event is one of the biggest events in our field.

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4th booklet in Stago’s “Practical Manual” collection: Oral anticoagulants

After the 3rd volume devoted to parental anticoagulants, it stands to reason that the Clinical Development Department had to turn its attention to the other side of anticoagulant treatment – the oral anticoagulants - in this...

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Paper instruction manuals and Stago’s Web 3.0 policy

Stago’s IFU (Instructions For Use) platform can be accessed from the website, where users will find the digital version of our documents.

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