Stago in UK

Stago, the worldwide leader in the field of Haemostasis is setting the standard of excellence, with cutting-edge technologies, products and customer service.

The United Kingdom is one of the countries where research is the most advanced in the field of coagulation and the demand for new technologies is great. In January 2005, the subsidiary Stago UK was opened.

Stago UK offers a complete system of Haemostasis instrumentation and optimised reagent kits for research as well as for routine analysis. We provide the means and the tools to scientists and clinicians to diagnose and to understand the reasons  for Thrombosis or Bleeding disorders.



The Core Values

The Core Values of our organisation remain the foundation of our business:

  • Safety: ensure safety by assessing the risk for patients, our users and our staff.
  • Quality: improve continuously the quality of our products and services.
  • Availability: make our products and services available wherever they are  required.
  • Efficiency: continuously develop the efficiency of  our organisation in terms of cost effectiveness, sharing knowledge and developing new products.

Stago UK Today

By implementing these core values since 2005, Stago UK:

Has reached 20 per cent of market share in ten years.

Is working in close collaboration with the scientific community in the UK.

Has a business relationship with all the "Primary  Providers" in supplying Pathology Managed Service Contract solutions with Total Laboratory Automation.

Delivers a Business Model meeting the requirements of NHS Hospital Trusts, Private laboratory services and other qualified providers.

Has a team of specialists with more than 20 people covering Sales, Scientific Affairs, Applications and Field Service Engineering.

Is offering a Hotline Service where more than 80 per cent of calls are resolved on line.

Stago UK: Outlook

The Trinity Biotech coagulation business was acquired by the Stago Group on May 4th 2010 and  was renamed as Tcoag.

In the United Kingdom, Tcoag and Stago came together and Stago UK has been operating for both product portfolios, since January 2011.

The synergy between these organisations provided our UK customers with:

Increased Engineering Service coverage

Broader based product offering

Assured delivery with a UK based warehouse

Dedicated Customer service

Enhanced technical and scientific support

Total UK sales coverage