Rapid HIT exclusion test launched in the UK

NOW AVAILABLE: a simple test that will rapidly exclude heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT) in just 10 minutes. Based on lateral flow technology, the STic Expert HIT kit provides a quick and easy way of ruling out HIT, avoiding the need for expensive heparin alternatives and reducing unnecessary risks to patients suffering from non-heparin associated thrombocytopenia.

The STic Expert HIT kit is an IgG-specific exclusion test designed to identify antibodies directed against the heparin-PF4 complex, offering a simple yet powerful 10 minute test. Each single-use test has been carefully engineered to achieve excellent sensitivity with a negative predictive value of 100 %, providing a viable alternative to current laboratory ELISA tests which can take up to three hours. This rapid turnaround of results allows clinicians to make an informed decision on treatment strategies much earlier, offering substantial cost savings while improving patient safety.