Dedicated haemostasis proficiency testing from Stago

Qualiris by Stago is an innovative, flexible international external quality control (EQC) programme that can be tailored to individual requirements and scheduling needs, helping laboratories to fulfil regulatory requirements by regular, frequent proficiency testing. This easy to use, web-based programme is designed to complement existing quality assurance schemes by offering a broad range of routine and speciality coagulation tests, and is fully supported by Stago’s dedicated haemostasis experts.
The standard QC Premium package includes 12 surveys per month for routine haemostasis tests – PT, APTT, fibrinogen and thrombin time – with the option to add on a wide variety of more specialised tests, such as D-dimer, thrombophilia and factor assays. Participants receive real­-time peer group reports, plus regular reports containing quantitative and qualitative statistics, which are colour-coded and flagged to enhance interpretation. In addition, the Diagnostic Challenge – involving analysis of an unknown sample with a specific coagulation issue – provides an ongoing educational programme, with participants receiving a full performance report that includes a detailed clinical summary of the case and a comparison of their results with those of other national and international laboratories. As a unique, dedicated coagulation EQC programme with thousands of participants worldwide, Qualiris by Stago is your perfect partner.
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