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STA R Max2: Excellence born from Expertise again and again…

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Second member of the STA R Max family, the STA R Max2 continues to give you Reliability, Versatility, Innovation and Productivity.

Sample integrity verification ensures quality of results thanks to the Expert Pre-analytical Check module (EPC module) providing: 

  • Fill volume check feature for any type of tube
  • Detection of haemolysis, icterus and lipemia which may affect chromogenic and immuno-turbidimetric tests; and the additional potential for biological impact of haemolysis on clotting assays

(CLSI Guideline H21-A5):
- No requirement for extra plasma volume
- No impact on throughput
- Large index range without any dilution

Innovative and scalable, the STA R Max2 adapts to all lab organisations, whether connected to an automation track system or not; and brings productivity and reliability to laboratories for routine and specialised haemostasis assays

With the highest available onboard loading capacity, the STA R Max2 provides true walkaway capability:

  • 215 samples in 5-position racks,
  • 75 cooled reagent positions maximised for large vials,
  • 1000 cuvettes on board.

High throughput, even with a mixed panel of tests, to manage large workload and peak activity in high-volume labs.

True STAT management prioritises patient samples to ensure faster turnaround time (TAT). Real time and proactive alerts on QC, TAT and maintenance status to focus operator attention.

Auto-verification capabilities, streamline result reporting and minimize operator intervention, thanks to:

  • Automatic management of dilutions, reruns, reflex testing and add-on tests
  • Expert rules available on demand on the STA Coag Expert.

Optimised and reduced user maintenance operations with the introduction of PSR module (Single Resolution Pipettor) and the new Cap Piercing needle.

Ready to operate - 24/7 availability and no time required to restart.